Oct. 23, 2004

Oct. 22, 2004

Roselle Beats Hunterdon!
Avenel Middle School
Roselle Catholic 58 - Hunterdon Central 56

In spite of Hunterdon Central's Ryan Finch's 30pt effort, Roselle Catholic just slipped by Hunterdon Central tonight 58-56. David Cherry (18pts/11rebs/3stls/1asst) topped RC and help secure the win.

Oct. 20, 2004

Marist Locks Top Spot For Sure!
Woodbridge High School
Roselle Catholic 43 - JP Stevens 37

In spite of a strong start by JP Stevens, Roselle Catholic rallied all the way back to take and hold the lead as David Cherry (17pts/2rebs/2stls/1asst) and Kevin Fallon (14pts/2rebs/3stls) led the way for RC. Andrew Biancosino had 15pts for JP.

Columbia 62 - Bridgewater 44

Darrell Terry poured in 19pts and ripped 3 steals as the Cougars mauled the Panthers 62-44. Asmar Caspers had 20pts for Bridgewater.

Colonia 76 - Abraham Clark 40

Rob Gardella (23pts/3rebs/1stl/3assts) and Zack Rosen (20pts/3rebs/5assts) pushed the Patriots past AC. Nigel Conover had 10pts for Abraham Clark.

South Plainfield 62 - Westfield 44

A shorthanded Westfield (5 players) were handed their fifth loss by South Plainfield. Darren Smith (23pts/5rebs) led the Tigers. Mike Venezia had 20pts for Westfield.

Avenel Middle School
Holmdel 57 - Watchung Hills 55

Holmdel outlasted Watchung 57-55 as Dave Corragio (22pts/3rebs/2stls) led the way for Holmdel. Matt Giannini had 19pts and 10 rebounds for Watchung.

Franklin 50 - Bishop Ahr 34

Franklin topped Bishop Ahr 50-34 as Mark Tracy (16pts/7rebs/1blk/3stls/2assts) spearheaded the win for the Warriors. Corey Francisco had 19pts for the Trojans.

East Brunswick 64 - Woodbridge 63

East Brunswick squeezed one from Woodbridge as John Byrne (20pts/4rebs/1stl/3assts) and Tom Gadziala (20pts/7rebs/1stl/1asst) led the Bears to the win. Alphonse Baja had 23pts for Woodbridge.

Plainfield 74 - Perth Amboy 67

Aquil Smith (23pts/3rebs/1stl/1asst) led the Cardinals past Perth Amboy 74-67. Kevin Womack also added (16pts/ 7rebs/1blk/2stls/1asst) for Plainfield. Jermaine Clark had 29pts for the Panthers.

Oct. 18, 2004

Woodbridge Beats Plainfield!
PA's Clark Explodes For 36!
Woodbridge High School
Roselle Catholic 71 - Piscataway 58

Roselle Catholic won easily over Piscataway last night as David Cherry (21pts/4rebs/3stls) and Kevin Findlay (17pts/4rebs) took charge. RC's relentless defense and crisp execution was too much for the Chiefs to handle. Brandon Wilkinson led the Chiefs with 18pts.

South Plainfield 64 - Bridgewater 49

Led by sharpshooter Darren Smith (26pts/8rebs/1blk/2stls/2assts) and defensive clamp Marquis Jones (20pts/6rebs/1blk/1stl/2assts) the Tigers stormed back from an early deficit. Steve Klein had 17pts for Bridgewater.

Columbia 85 - Abraham Clark 34

Columbia rolled over Abraham Clark 85-34 as they picked up their 7th win in the Fall-Ball Classic. Darrell Terry (23pts/4rebs/1blk/2stls) and Namde Ahaneku (19pts/3rebs/1blk/4stls/2assts) led the way for the Cougars. Jayson Fernando had 11pts for AC.

Woodbridge 59 - Plainfield 57

It took 4 overtimes but Woodbridge outlasted Plainfield in one of the most exciting games of the season. Plainfield controlled the game throughout but a series of 3pt shots by Woodbridge and key turnovers by Plainfield brought the game to overtime. Casey Mack (17pts/2rebs/1blk/2stls/1asst) led the Barrons and stole the ball with :10 left in the 4th overtime and dished to Adam Elhalaka who flew in for a layup that sealed it for the Barrons. Isa Carnegie had 12pts for Plainfield.

Avenel Middle School
Perth Amboy 1 - Westfield 0

Perth Amboy won by forfiet over Westfield.

Bishop Ahr 44 - Hunterdon Central 43

In another game that went to the wire for Bishop Ahr they hold onto win their second game 44-43. Corey Francisco (18pts/10rebs/1blk/2stls/1asst) led the Trojans. Ryan Finch had 19pts for Hunterdon.

Perth Amboy 86 - Immaculata 68

Perth Amboy's Jermaine Clark exploded for (36pts/11rebs/4assts) and Cedric Parish added another (26pts/9rebs/1blk/3stls/2asst) to help the Panthers rip apart Immaculata. Jay Cimino had 24pts for Immaculata.

Watchung Hills 65 - JF Kennedy 49

Matt Giannini (23pts/7rebs/2stls/1asst) led the Warriors past the Mustangs. Elliot Solop had 20pts for the Mustangs.

Colonia High School
Holmdel 56 - Edison 38

Kyle Wiberg (12pts/2rebs/2stls/3assts) led the Hornets past the Eagles 56-38. Kyle Ringer had 12pts for Edison.

Franklin 57 - A.L. Johnson 35

Franklin bounced back after their loss last week by defeating AL Johnson 57-35. Brandon Alexander (15pts/4rebs) led the way. Mark Tracy also added 6pts but pulled down 11 rebounds for the Warriors. Brian Kelly and Dustin Phlug each had 11pts for the Crusaders.

Colonia 64 - East Brunswick 47

Rob Gardella (25pts/4rebs/1blk/3stls) and Zack Rosen (16pts/2rebs/1stl/10assts) helped the Patriots march past the Bears. Dan Bosek also grabbed 14 rebs for Colonia. Tom Gadziala had 14pts for EB.

Oct. 15, 2004

One If By Air, Two If By...
Avenel Middle School
Piscataway 67 - JF Kennedy 63

In a game that seemed like a long range shootout (18 - 3pt shots) Piscataway out bombed JF Kennedy 67-63. Rodney Freeney (28pts/6rebs/1stl/1asst) nailed (6) six trifectas and Brandon Wilkenson (21pts/3rebs/7assts) sailed home (5) triples. JFK's Elliot Solop and Marc Tarantino each had 13pts.

Abraham Clark 69 - East Brunswick 68

Wendall Williams (31pts/12rebs/1stl) helped Abraham Clark slip past East Brunswick 69-68. Andy Merchant (14pts/8rebs/2blks) also chipped in for the win. Tom Gadziala (23pts) and John Byrne (20pts) were tops for East Brunswick.

Oct. 13, 2004

Marist Locks Top Spot! For Now...
Woodbridge High School
Colonia 59 - Woodbridge 53

In another game down to the wire, Colonia held on to defeat Woodbridge 59-53. The Patriots held the lead most of the game but the scrappy Barrons wouldn't give in to their cross town rivalry. Rob Gardella's 18pt effort was enough to spark the Patriots to the win. Casey Mack had 18pts for Woodbridge.

Marist 52 - Watchung Hills 48

With their 9th victory out of 10 games, Marist clinched at least a tie for the top seed in the Fall-Ball Classic. Led by Eric Lyles (15pts/3rebs/1blk/2stls/1asst) and Ali Singletary (14pts/4rebs/3blks/1stl) the Royal Knights topped Watchung Hills 52-48. Pat Sommer had 19pts for the Warriors in the loss.

Columbia 62 - Immaculata 58

Immaculata stormed out to an early lead but couldn't hold on as Columbia's Darrell Terry (15pts/4rebs/1stl) and Ryan Beacon (13pts/4rebs/1stl/1asst) led the comeback. Will Manhart had a nice game with 18pts for the Spartans.

Bridgewater 51 - Westfield 40

Bridgewater knocked off Westfield as the Panther's, Chris Allen (19pts/4rebs/2blks) led all scorers. Mike Venezia had 17pts for Westfield.

Avenel Middle School
Bishop Ahr 46 - JP Stevens 35

Bishop Ahr finally picked up their first win after a season of near misses over JP Stevens tonight 46-35. Corey Francisco (16pts/8rebs/1blk/2stls/2assts) and Eli Mourn (15pts/6rebs/3stls/7assts) helped the Trojans grab the win. John Hacher had 11pts for JP Stevens.

Hunterdon Central 60 - Franklin 47

In another bitter rivalry, HC took it to Franklin. Hunterdon's Greg Sheppard (19pts/3rebs/1blk) led the way. Marc Tracy had 13pts for Franklin.

JF Kennedy 54 - Edison 45

The Mustangs grounded the Eagles 54-45. Corey Rosenbaum's (13pts/15rebs/2blks/1stl) monster effort was too much to contain for Edison. Kyle Ringer had 17pts for Edison.

Holmdel 53 - AL Johnson 43

Although Johnson's, Brian Kelly led all scorers, the Hornets prevailed in this one 53-43. Dave Corragio (pts/4rebs/2stls) led Holmdel.

Oct. 11, 2004

Columbia Beats Plainfield!
Woodbridge High School
Piscataway 51 - Bishop Ahr 50

Bishop Ahr once again goes down to the wire but can't pull this one out as Piscataway's Rodney Freeney (26pts/rebs/1stl/2assts) was too much to handle. Mike Gadens also added 10pts for the Chiefs. Sophmore Corey Francisco had 15pts for BGA.

Abraham Clark 44 - Immaculata 37

In another close game tonight the Rams pushed past the Spartans 44-37. Windell Williams (17pts) was the leading scorer for AC. Jay Cimini had 14pts for Immaculata.

Columbia 54 - Plainfield 51

Columbia handed Plainfield their first loss as Darrell Terry (15pts/6rebs/1blk/1stl/1asst) of Columbia, led all scorers. This game went back and forth all night as Columbia took an early lead and Plainfield just wouldn't go away. Anthony Baskerville and Raphiq Carnegie had 12 and 11 points respectively.

Westfield 56 - Woodbridge 37

Mike Venezia (16pts/3rebs) and Eric Haynes (14pts/3rebs/3stls) helped put down the Barrons 56-37. Casey Mack had 10pts for Woodbridge.

Avenel Middle School
Holmdel 59 - JF Kennedy 59

Holmdel slipped by JF Kennedy as Kyle Wilberg (16pts/3rebs/1asst) and Matt Kelly (12pts/7rebs) led the Hornets past the Mustangs 59-58. Elliot Solop had 22pts/8rebs for JFK.

Bridgewater 1 - Middlesex 0

Bridgewater won by forfiet over Middlesex. Middlesex has been dropped from the league for the remaining of the season and playoffs.

Franklin 71 - JP Stevens 53

Franklin grounded the Hawks 71-53 as 6' 10", Hamidou Rahman (25pts/8rebs/6blks/1asst) led all scorers and dominated the game. Marc Tracy (13pts/11rebs/2stls/2assts) also had a terrific game. Andrew Biancosino had 27pts for JP Stevens.

Roselle Catholic 66 - Watchung Hills 40

In spite of Joe D'Amelio's 21 points for Watchung Hills, Roselle Catholic stomped the Warriors 66-40. Led by David Cherry (12pts/2rebs/1blk/1stl/2assts) and Dan Hennessey (12pts/1reb/2assts) RC continues their winning ways.

Colonia High School
South Plainfield 63 - East Brunswick 34

Once again led by Darren Smith (25pts/5rebs/1stl) and Marquis Jones (18pts/10rebs/3stls/4assts) the Tigers mauled the Bears. John Byrne had 15pts for the Bears in the loss.

Marist 33 - Edison 26

Marist once again wins as Ali Singletary (13pts/4rebs/3stls/2assts) led the way. Shaheed McPherson also had 11pts in the win. Sean Ogunnoiki had 11pts for Edison in defeat.

Perth Amboy 62 - Colonia 59

In spite of Rob Gardella's (29pts) and sophmore Zack Rosen's (9assts) Colonia could get past Perth Amboy tonight as Jermaine Clark (18pts/2rebs/1stl/2assts) and Juan Castillo (14pts/3rebs/1blk/3stls/2assts) led the way. Marcus Carty also grabbed 9 boards for the Panthers.

Hunterdon Central 47 - AL Johnson 45

The Red Devils nipped the Crusaders 47-45 as Greg Sheppard (19pts/13rebs/3blks/2assts) was tops for HC. Luke Opdyke also added 16pts for Hunterdon. Brian Kelly had 17pts for ALJ.

Oct. 6 , 2004

Woodbridge High School
South Plainfield 53 - Abraham Clark 38

South Plainfield's Darren Smith (23pts/4rebs/2stls) led the Tigers to their second straight victory over Roselle HS. Marquis Jones had 12pts to help in the win. Jayson Fernando had 13pts for AC.

Columbia 72 - Westfield 53

Darrell Terry (16pts/6rebs/2stls/3assts) and Ryan Bacon (14pts/6rebs/1blk/1stl/1asst) were the leaders for Columbia tonight as the raced past Westfield 72-53. Mike Venezia poured in 31pts for Westfield in the loss.

Woodbridge 67 - East Brunswick 39

The Barrons trounced the Bears as Casey Mack (11pts/7rebs/1stls/3assts) led the way. Tim Adeleye (10pts/5rebs) also contributed to the win. John Byrne had 12pts for EB.

Plainfield 1 - Immaculata 0

Plainfield won by forfiet over Immaculata.

Avenel Middle School
Roselle Catholic 54 - Edison 35

Kevin Findley (11pts/11rebs/1blk/4stls/1asst), David Cherry (11pts/3rebs/2stls) and Kevin Fallon (11pts/3rebs/2stls) led a team effort to blow past the Eagles 54-35. Kyle Ringer had 14pts for Edison.

Hunterdon Central 40 - JP Stevens 28

Hunterdon Central powered their way past the Hawks 40-28 as Greg Sheppard (16pts/4rebs/1blk) was instrumental in the win. Andrew Biancosino had 11pts for JPS.

Marist 57 - Holmdel 55

Balanced scoring from Shahid McPherson (10pts/5rebs), Pascal Duru (10pts/2assts), Anthony Wingate (10pts/2rebs/2stls/1asst) and Ali Singletary (9pts/5rebs/3stsl) was the formula for success against Holmdel tonight. Kyle Winberg had 20pts for Holmdel.

Franklin 43 - Piscataway 34

Hamidou Rahman (14pts/9rebs/2blks) and Jarred Sanders (14pts/4rebs/3stls) pushed Franklin past Piscataway 43-34. Brandon Wilkenson had 11pts for Piscataway.

Oct. 4 , 2004

Woodbridge High School
South Plainfield 59 - Woodbridge 53

South Plainfield took it to Woodbridge as Darren Smith (29pts/3rebs/1blk/2stls) was on fire! Marquis Jones (13pts/7rebs/1blk/2stls/1asst) also chipped in for the win. Casey Mack had 18pts for the Barrons.

Franklin 59 - Watchung Hills 37

Franklin easily put away conference rival Watchung Hills led by Brandon Alexander (15pts/5rebs/1stl) and Hamidou Rahman (13pts/3rebs/7blks/1stl). Joe Lupo had 11pts for Watchung.

Plainfield 47 - Abraham Clark 43

Abraham Clark went down fighting as Plainfield remained undefeated in the Fall-Ball Classic. Isa Carnegie (16pts/1rebs/1stl) paced the Cardinals in the win. Wendell Williams had 20pts for AC.

Westfield 50 - Immaculata 37

Immaculata just couldn't get all the way back in this one as Westfield pulled away in the second half. Mike Venezia (18pts/5rebs) and Eric Hayes (15pts/3rebs) led the Blue Devils. Will Manheart had 11pts for the Spartans.

Avenel Middle School
JF Kennedy 61 - AL Johnson 22

The Mustangs' Elliot Solop (13pts/13rebs/2stls) dominated the paint with help from teammate Corey Rosenbaum (12pts/8rebs/1blk/2stls/3assts) as the romped past AL Johnson.

Roselle Catholic 42 - Holmdel 35

RC handed Holmdel their first loss in the Fall-Ball Classic as Kevin Findley (14pts/6rebs/1blk/2stls) led the way for the Lions. Matt Kelly had 14pts/11rebs for the Hornets.

Columbia 1 - Middlesex 0

Columbia won by forfiet over Middlesex.

Edison 45 - Bishop Ahr 44

Kyle Ringer (20pts/1stl) helped the Eagles to their first win of the season over Bishop Ahr, 45-44. Corey Francisco had 19pts/8rebs/2stls for the Trojans in the loss.

Colonia High School
East Brunswick 63 - Perth Amboy 53

The Bears put a stop to Perth Amboy's undefeated season as John Byrne (31pts/4rebs/1stl/2assts) was the story of the night. Byrne's second half 20pts was enough to keep the Panthers from clawing their way back into this one. Jermaine Clark and Juan Castillo each had 20pts for Perth Amboy.

Marist 41 - JP Stevens 37

Ali Singletary (14pts/3rebs/1stl/1asst) pushed the Royal Knights past the Hawks 41-37. JPS was led by Andrew Biancosino with 14pts.

Piscataway 45 - Hunterdon Central 39

Piscataway rebounded off an awful performance last week by beating Hunterdon Central 45-39. Rodney Freeney (16pts/9rebs/2stls/2assts) and Allan Hairston (8pts/12rebs/3blks/1stl) were tops for the Chiefs. Ryan Finch had 20pts for the Red Devils.

September 29, 2004

Woodbridge High School
JP Stevens 65 - A.L. Johnson 40

Behind Andrew Biancosino (14pts/6rebs/1stl) and Ryan Washington's (10pts/11rebs/2blks) the Hawks soared past the Crusaders easily in tonight's opener at Woodbridge HS. Dan Castaldo had 14pts for AL Johnson.

Middlesex 55 - Immaculata 54

After going down 14-3 to start the game, the Blue Jays slowly crawled back in this one and finally took the lead with 2:23 left in the game. Phil Barnes (14pts/3rebs) and Robby Tolomeo (12pts/4rebs/1blk/1stl), all 12 in the second half, led the comeback. Jay Cimino had 20pts for the Spartans.

Colonia 61 - Columbia 55

Jeff Totin (19pts/1reb/1stl) helped the Patriots march past Columbia 61-55. In a back and forth game, Columbia, led by Namde Ahaneku (19pts/7rebs/2stls) stayed in this one throughout. Rob Gardella also added 14pts for Colonia in the win.

Bridgewater 76 - East Brunswick 50

Asmar Caspers (14pts/6rebs/2blks/1asst) early scoring spirt (9 - 1st half pts) and Steve Klein's (18pts/7rebs/3blks/1stl/1asst) steady consistant play put this one out of reach for East Brunswick early. Tom Gadziala (23pts) and John Byrne (22pts) led the Bears in defeat.

Avenel Middle School
Holmdel 59 - Bishop Ahr 56

Holmdel goes 4-0 as they defeat the Trojans 59-56 tonight. Dave Corragio (17pts/4rebs/1stl/1asst) helped the Hornets to the win. Corey Francisco (29pts/10rebs) singlehandedly kept Bishop Ahr in this game.

Marist 39 - JF Kennedy 31

Pascal Duru (9pts) led Marist past the Mustangs.Elliot Solop had 11pts for JFK.

Hunterdon Central 60 - Watchung Hills 43

Greg Sheppard (17pts/8rebs/1stl) and Andy Silvis (15pts/3rebs/3stls/2assts) helped the Devils sting the Warriors 60-43. Matt Giannini had 18pts for Watchung.

Perth Amboy 55 - South Plainfield 46

In spite of Darren Smith's 23pts, Perth Amboy was able to pull this win out for their 5th straight victory to open the season and move into a two way tie for first place in the Fall-Ball Classic. The Panthers Juan Castillo (20pts/2rebs/2assts) was top man for Perth Amboy tonight.

September 27, 2004

Woodbridge High School
South Plainfield 62 - Bridgewater 57 - OT

It took an overtime but South Plainfield's, one, two punch Marquis Jones (26pts/5rebs/1blk/6stls) and Darin Smith (23pts/5rebs/1blk) finally landed the crushing blow as the Tigers slipped past the Panthers 62-57. Although trailing at halftime 40-28, the Tigers clawed their way back with some tough defense. Steve Kline (19pts/9rebs/1blk/1stl) had a terrific game for Bridwater in the loss.

Holmdel 62 - Franklin 54 - OT

In the second overtime of the evening Holmdel pulled out an exciting win over Franklin as Dave Corragio (29pts/6rebs/1stl) of Holmdel was too much for the Warriors. Corragio hit 7 trifectas in this one but it was Mike Fennimore's (15pts/3rebs) two three pointers in overtime that helped the Hornets stretched the lead and steal the win. Jarred Sanders had 19pts for Franklin.

Plainfield 57 - Westfield 44

Kevin Womack (21pts/10rebs/4blks/2stls) dominated this game as the Cardinals handed the Blue Devils their first loss in the Fall-Ball Classic while remaining undefeated. Mike Venezia had (20pts) for Westfield.

Woodbridge 61 - Abraham Clark (Roselle HS) 30

The Rams just couldn't get it going in this one as the Barrons defense clamped down. Tim Adeleye (15pts/6rebs/1blk) led Woodbridge in the lopsided win. Windell Williams led Roselle with 10pts.

Avenel Middle School
Columbia 57 - East Brunswick 53

Andrew Henry (14pts/2rebs/2stls/1asst) was tops for Columbia as they defeated the Bears of East Brunswick 57-53. Darryl Terry (12pts/7rebs/4stls/1asst) also contributed to the win. Tom Gadziala (22pts) and John Byrne (20pts) were the leading scorers for the Bears.

Hunterdon Central 51 - Edison 35

Led by Ryan Finch (15pts/5rebs/5stls) the Red Devils pulled away from the Eagles early and never looked back. Sean Ogunncki had 13pts for Edison.

Roselle Catholic 58 - JF Kennedy 30

Kevin Findlay (12pts/6rebs) and Dan Hennessey (11pts/3rebs/2stls/1asst) were leading scorers for RC as they romped over Kennedy tonight. Elliot Solop had 12pts for the Mustangs.

Watchung Hills 42 - Bishop Ahr 41

Joe D'Amelio (10pts/4rebs/1blk/1stl) hit the game winner as time expired for the Warriors to hand Bishop Ahr their 4th straight loss. Nick Romano (11pts) and Matt Giannini (10pts/10rebs/3blks/2stls) led WH in scoring and rebounding respectively. Corey Francisco and Eli Mourn each had 11pts for Bishop Ahr.

Colonia High School
Perth Amboy 75 - Middlesex 31

The Panthers mauled the Blue Jays 75-31 as Jermaine Clark poured in 27pts and grabbed 11rebs for Perth Amboy. Perth Amboy pulled away early and never looked back.

Marist 45 - AL Johnson 20

In another blowout win, Eric Lyles (12pts/2rebs/3stls) led the Royal Knights past AL Johnson 45-20.

Colonia 43 - Immaculata 24

In spite of missing their leading scorer Nick Smith the Patriots crushed Immaculata 43-24! Rob Gardella (19pts/8rebs/1blk/1stl/1asst) was on fire for Colonia and led them to the win.

JP Stevens 50 - Piscataway 19

JP Stevens destroyed Piscataway 50-19, handing the Chiefs their first loss of the season. Andrew Biancosino (22pts/4rebs/4stls/2assts) led the Hawks. The Chiefs only managed to score 8 first half points against a stingy JP defense.

September 22, 2004

Woodbridge High School
Perth Amboy 63 - Woodbridge 59

Jermaine Clark (31pts/4rebs) led the Panthers to victory over Woodbridge 63-59 last night to give Perth Amboy a 3-0 start in this year's Fall-Ball Classic. Juan Castillo also added 17pts for Perth Amboy. John Cuozzo led the Barrons with 14pts.

East Brunswick 46 - Immaculata 41

The Bears get on the winning track with their win over Immaculata 46-41 as Tom Gadziala (16pts/4rebs/1stl) led all scorers. Jay Cimino had 15pts for the Spartans.

Columbia 63 - South Plainfield 61

Columbia handed South Plainfield their first loss as they went out to beat the Tigers 63-61. The game went down to the wire as Columbia shooting guard, Namde Ahaneku (18pts/7rebs/1stl) led the Cougars past a very tough South Plainfield team. Marquis Jones (21pts) and Darren Smith (18pts) led the Tigers

Westfield 64 - Abraham Clark (Roselle HS) 51

The Rams had no answer for a tough Westfield squad led by Mike Venezia's (23pt/1reb/6asst) effort. Eric Hayes (18pts/3rebs/2assts) also chipped in for the win. Jayson Fernando had 14pts for Roselle.

Avenel Middle School
JF Kennedy 47 - Bishop Ahr 46

Elliot Solop (18pts/9rebs/1blk/2stls/2assts) had a monster game as the Mustangs outlasted the Trojans 47-46. Sophmore Corey Francisco (24pts) led all scorers but couldn't pull it out for Bishop Ahr.

Marist 40 - Roselle Catholic 36

In spite of RC's Kevin Findley's 21pts, Marist pushed past Roselle Catholic 40-36. Ali Simletanny (15pts/5rebs/5stls) led the Royal Knights.

Holmdel 64 - Hunterdon Central 58

Dave Corragio (22pts/4rebs/2assts) led the Hornets past Hunterdon Central 64-58. HC was led by Ryan Finch with 17pts.

Franklin 56 - Edison 37

Franklin easily handled Edison 56-37 as Justin Antres (17pts/4rebs/3stls/1asst) top performance was enough for the Warriors to march past the Eagles. Kyle Ringer had 14pts/6rebs for Edison.

Colonia High School
Plainfield 53 - Middlesex 29

The Plainfield Cardinals flew past the Blue Jays 53-29, led by Raphiq Carnegie (16pts/4rebs/1stl/3assts) and Ronde Tucker (13pts/7rebs/2blks). Kevin Womack also grabbed 10 boards for Plainfield. Robbie Tolomeo had 11pts for Middlesex.

Watchung Hills 41 - JP Stevens 40

Matt Giannini (21pts/8rebs/1stl) pushed Watchung past the Hawks 41-40. Andrew Biancosino had 12pts for JP.

Piscataway 55 - AL Johnson 40

Rodney Freeney (21pts/4rebs/3stls) continues to shine for the 4-0 Chiefs. Freeney's 13pt second half kept Johnson at bay. Brian Kelly had 12pts for AL Johnson.

Bridgewater 52 - Colonia 49

In spite of Nick Smith's early exit due to injury (ankle sprain), the Patriots almost pulled this one out as they went down to a tough Panther team 52-49. Steve Kline (17pts/4rebs/1blk) topped Bridgewater. Rob Gardella had 24pts for Colonia.

September 20, 2004

Avenel Middle School
South Plainfield 65 - Colonia 49

Darren Smith (28pts/7rebs/1stl/1asst) was on fire tonight as he led his Tigers past the Patriots 65-49. Marquis Jones (12pts/3rebs/1stl/5assts) added an extra punch in the second half to knock out Colonia's chances in the second half. Nick Smith had 21pts for Colonia.

Plainfield 36 - Bridgewater 34

In a matchup of last years Regional State Finals, the Plainfield Cardinals soared past the Bridgewater Panthers as Kevin Womack (18pts/8rebs/4blks/1stl) led the way with a terrific all around game. This game was close throughout and reminiscent of the game last year. Bridgewater held a 22-17 lead at halftime but Plainfield came storming back to take the lead. Asmar Capers had 14pts for Bridgewater in the loss.

Piscataway 49 - Marist 43

Rodney Freeney (32pts/2rebs/1stl) was the answer to the question that Marist couldn't answer. The junior guard attacked the Marist defense at will tonight as he led his Chiefs to a 49-43 victory. Allan Hairston also added 5pts and grabbed 13rebs, blocked 2 shots and dished 3 dimes. Eric Lyles led the Royal Knights with 9pts.

Franklin 56 - JF Kennedy 33

Franklin's 6' 10" Hamadou Rahman (20pts/8rebs/3blks/2stls) dominated the paint tonight as the Warriors got on the winning track with thier victory over the Mustangs 56-33. Mike Riche had 9pts for JF Kennedy in the loss.

September 15, 2004

Woodbridge High School
Perth Amboy 59 - Abraham Clark 50

Perth Amboy's second win came at the expense of Roselle's Abraham Clark HS. Cedric Parish dumped in 25pts and grabbed 7 rebounds as the Panthers mauled the Rams 59-50. Amboy's patented run and gun and 3pts shooting was in force tonight putting the Rams on their heels right from the gate but a great second half and team defensive effort by the Rams made this one close. Juan Castillo also scored 15pts for Amboy. Jayson Fernando had 14pts for Roselle.

Piscataway 48 - Watchung Hills 43

Rodney Freeney's (23pts/4rebs/2blks/2stls) and Brandon Wilkenson's late game heroics brought this one home for the Chiefs as they beat the Warriors 48-43. In a back and forth game throughout, Freeney and Wilkenson stepped up to take charge as they scored 23 of the teams 27 second half points. Matt Gianni and Joe D'Amelio each had 11pts for Watchung Hills.

Plainfield 53 - Colonia 48

In easily the game of the night that had all the fans standing on their feet, it took 4 overtimes for this one to end. In spite of Rob Gardella's (15pts) and Nick Smith's (14pts) early exits due to foul trouble, Colonia managed to stay in this one as they took an extremely athletic Plainfield squad to the limit. Four times!!! It finally came down to Isa Carnegie's (8pts) overtime foul shooting to put this one away. Kevin Womack and Jerrell Thompson each had 10pts for the Cardinals in the win. What a thrilling game this was and everyone enjoyed it!

Bridgewater 59 - Woodbridge 44

Jon Katz' (22pts) dead-eye shooting was too much for the Barrons as Bridgewater easily beat them 59-44. Steve Klein (19pts/2rebs/1blk) also added to the win. Woodbridge was led by Shamar Graves with 10pts.

Avenel Middle School
JP Stevens 55 - Edison 40

In a cross town match up, JP Stevens' Andrew Biancorsire (22pts/3rebs/1stl/3assts) and Ryan Washington (14pts/6rebs/5blks/1stl) led the Hawks to an easy win over the Eagles 55-40. Kyle Ringer had 17pts for the Eagles.

Marist 34 - Bishop Ahr 30

Shahid McPherson's (15pts/7rebs/1blk/1stl) effort was too much for the Trojans as the Royal Knights marched their way to victory over Bishop Ahr 34-30. Corey Francisco led Bishop Ahr with (11pts/7rebs)

Westfield 49 - Middlesex 37

Westfield easily handled Middlesex in their second victory in the Fall-Ball Classic. Led by Mike Venezia (16pts) and Chris Cassel (13pts/5stls) the Blue Devils closed this one out early. Rob Tolomeo had 11pts for the BlueJays.

Roselle Catholic 37 - AL Johnson 32

Kevin Findley (9pts/10rebs) controlled the boards tonight as he led the Lions past AL 37-32. Brian Kelly had 13pts for AL Johnson.

September 13, 2004

Woodbridge High School
Abraham Clark 43 - Middlesex 31

Jayson Fernando (24pts/2rebs/2stls) led the way for Abraham Clark as the spanked the Bluejays from Middlesex 43-31 in the season opener at Woodbridge High. The Rams took an early lead and never looked back on Fernando's strong efforts.

South Plainfield 49 - Immaculata 33

Marquis Jones (20pts) topped all scorers as he took the Tigers to their first victory in the season opener over Immaculata 49-33.

Plainfield 72 - East Brunswick 39

The Cardinals picked right up where they left off at the end of their regular season as the handed East Brunswick their first loss 72-39. Plainfield was led by Kevin Womack (20pts) and Anthony Baskerville (15pts) in the win. John Byrne scored 11pts for the Bears.

Woodbridge 56 - Columbia 51

Balanced scoring from John Cuozzo (13pts), Alphonse Baja (12pts) and Casey Mack (12pts) was just what the doctor ordered to put away Columbia tonight. The Barrons took an early lead and held on in spite of Naamdi Abaneku's (22pts) 16pts in the second half, surge that almost pulled Columbia back as time expired.

Avenel Middle School
Piscataway 35 - Edison 26

Piscataway defeated Edison 35-26 as Rodney Freeney (10pts/4rebs/2stls/1asst) and Simon Rancasz (8pts/4rebs/2stls) led the way. The Chiefs 6'8" Sr., Allan Hairston also pulled down 9 boards.

Perth Amboy 65 - Bridgewater 64

The Perth Amboy Panther's Jermaine Clark (20pts/5 assts), Cedric Parish (18pts/2rebs) and Juan Castillo (16pts/4rebs/3stls/2assts) were an outside nightmare for the tough Bridgewater Panthers as they combined for a total 44pts, 21 from downtown. Steve Klein (20pts) and Jon Katz (18pts) led Bridgewater.

AL Johnson 51 - Watchung Hills 47

Bob Dunn (16pts/6rebs) led Clark HS to the victory as they defeated Watchung Hills 51-47. Matt Gianni (17pts) and Joe D'Amelio (17pts) led the Warriors.

Hunterdon Central 49 - JF Kennedy 36

Ryan Finch's (19pts/7rebs/3stls/2assts) all around effort gave the Red Devils the boost they needed to get past the Mustangs 49-36. Greg Sheppard also added 10pts/5rebs for HC. Elliot Solop and Marc Tarentino both had 10pts for JFK.

Colonia High School
Roselle Catholic 35 - Bishop Ahr 26

Roselle Catholic easily handled Bishop Ahr as the Lions roared past the Trojans 35-26 in last night's opener at Colonia HS. Kevin Findley (13pts/10rebs/4stls/1asst) was the games leading scorer and rebounder.

Holmdel 37 - JP Stevens 36

Dave Coraggio's (11pts/4rebs) long range shooting helped Holmdel squeak past JP Stevens 37-36. Ryan Washington led JP with 12pts.

Westfield 29 - Colonia 22

Although this game was shortened by about 15 minutes due to Westfield being late, the game went on and Westfield pulled out the win 29-22. Eric Hayes banged down 14pts and pulled down 4 boards in the win. Colonia was led by Nick Smith with 12pts.

Marist 40 - Franklin 34

Eric Lyles (18pts/1reb/2stls) topped all scorers as he led the Royal Knights past the Warriors 40-34. Franklin's 6'11", Hamidu Rahman had 12pts and grabbed 6 rebounds in the loss.

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