Nov. 11th , 2004

Monmouth Beats Elizabeth!

Woodbridge High School
Monmouth 62 - Elizabeth 36

Monmouth handed undefeated Elizabeth their first and only loss this year as they went on to win in tonight's Fall-Ball Classic Final. Mia DePalo (21pts/1reb/2stls/5assts) and Fall-Ball Classic League MVP Kristen Dalton (18pts/8rebs/1blk/4stls/2assts) led the way. The Elizabeth girls played well in the first half but Monmouth put it to em' in the second half, turning a 10pt lead into 26pts by the final buzzer.

Nov. 10th , 2004

Elizabeth vs Monmouth In Finals!
Avenel Middle School
East Brunswick 51 - Westfield 34

East Brunswick took care of business as they eliminated Westfield 51-34 in a quarterfinal matchup. Laura Petrello (17pts) led the Lady Bears in the win.

Woodbridge High School
Elizabeth 39 - Cardinal McCarrick 32

Elizabeth just slipped by Cardinal McCarrick to gain the slot in the Semi-finals vs East Brunswick. Deonna Overton had 10pts for Elizabeth. Jess Pruiti had 13pts for CM in the loss.

Monmouth 50 - South Brunswick 30

Monmouth put it to South Brunswick in the second half and pulled away to an easy win to gain entry into the Semi-finals. Gaby DePalo (16pts) and Kaitlyn Hyduke (15pts) led Monmouth in the win. Janelle Payne had 12pts for South Brunswick in the loss.

Avenel Middle School
Elizabeth 43 - East Brunswick 41

This game went down to the wire as Elizabeth got their 13th straight win to remain undefeated in the Fall-Ball Classic. Marbely Montana (12pts/6rebs/5stls/2assts) and Deonna Overton (10pts/9rebs/2stls/1asst) took care of business for Elizabeth. Brianne DeFalco had 15pts for EB in the loss.

Monmouth 46 - Morris Catholic 40

Kristen Dalton (19pts/6rebs/4stls/3assts) came up with a huge game to propel Monmouth into the Finals against Elizabeth. Claire Wilson had 17pts for MC in the loss.

Nov. 8th , 2004

S. Brunswick, Westfield, Morris Cath. Win!
Avenel Middle School
South Brunswick 37 - Roselle Catholic 36

In a battle from the start, South Brunswick outlasted Roselle Catholic to hand RC only their 2nd loss of the season. Janelle Payne (17pts/4rebs/2stls) led the Lady Vikings to the win. Margaret Henn had 15pts for Roselle Catholic.

Westfield 38 - Linden 29

Linden's season came to an end as Westfield's Gabrielle O'leary (12pts/3rebs/1stl/1asst) led the way for the Blue Devils. Jessica Dixon had 11pts for Linden.

Morris Catholic 34 - JP Stevens 25

Morris Catholic exacted revenge over JP Stevens from an opening day loss to the Lady Hawks as they defeated the #11 seed 34-29. Kate Dunn (12pts/4rebs/2stls/4assts) led MC in the win. Tania Kennedy had 12pts for JP in the loss.

Oct. 29th , 2004

Elizabeth, McCarrick, St. Peters, Monmouth Win First Round Games!
Avenel Middle School
#1 Elizabeth 61 - #16 Spotwood 34

Elizabeth put Spotswood away early as Deonna Overton (16pts/5rebs) lived inside for the Minutemen. Jill Dickinson had 18pts/5rebs for the Chargers.

#9 Cardinal McCarrick 44 - #8 Colonia 40

Colonia pulled out to an early lead on Tiffani McDaniell's (17pts/23rebs/1blk/1stl) only to see Cardinal McCarrick chip away and take the game in the end. Carolina Bruschi (15pts/1reb/1asst) and Jess Pruiti (13pts/5rebs/1stl/5assts) topped McCarrick and helped seal the win for the Eagles.

#3 St. Peters - #14 Immaculata

St. Peters ran away from Immaculata send the Spartans home as Megan Mahoney (2004 All-Star MVP) exploded for (23pts/10rebs/1stl/2assts) to push the Eagles to the victory. Kaitlin Fiorino had 16pts for Immaculata.

#7 Monmouth 59 - #10 Perth Amboy 47

Monmouth crushed Perth Amboy's playoff hopes as they defeated the Panthers 59-47. Kristen Dalton (24pts/11rebs/2stls/1asst) was top banana in this one for Monmouth. Ericka Jones had 18pts/17rebs/2blks for Perth Amboy in defeat.

Oct. 28th , 2004

Spotswood Rounds Out Top 16!
Avenel Middle School
Roselle Catholic 43 - Edison 22

Amanda Sheehy (11pts/3rebs/4stls/4assts) helped Roselle Catholic secure the #2 seed in the Fall-Ball Classic by defeating Edison 43-22. Heather Dauber had 10pts for Edison in the loss.

Spotswood 40 - Bishop Ahr 36

Bishop Ahr did all that they could but they couldn't pull this one out as Spotswood grasp the last spot for the playoffs with their victory tonight over the Trojans. Jill Dickinson (13pts/6rebs/4assts) led the Chargers to the win and the right to face #1 Elizabeth in the 1st round playoff match tomorrow night @ Avenel. Maura Crehan and Erin Mulvey each had 11pts for BGA in the loss.

St. John Villa 46 - JP Stevens 42

St. John Villa pulled out another close victory over JP Stevens to secure the #4 seed in this years playoffs. Christie Tomasino (14pts/3rebs/1asst) and Allie Shanahan (12pts/4rebs/2blks/1stl/1asst) led the the Bears. Amy Bonk had 12pts for the Lady Hawks who secured the 11th seed.

Monmouth 55 - Woodbridge 34

Woodbridge came up short as Monmouth secured the #7 seed for the playoffs in their victory over the Lady Barrons 55-34. Kristen Dalton (15pts/1rebs/5stls/3assts) led the Monmouth squad. Yomeira Mejias had 10pts for Woodbridge.

Oct. 27th , 2004

Westfield Hits Buzzer Beater!

Colonia High School
Westfield 40 - East Brunswick 39

With less than :01 left Stephanie Slodyzcka (9pts/8rebs/2blks/4stls) hit a put back to help Westfield clip East Bruswick 40-39 last night in the opener. Erin Miller (19pts/2rebs/1blk/4stls) led the Blue Devils who trailed early and stormed all the way back to win at the buzzer. Megan Mayo had 15pts for EB.

Morris Catholic 64 - South Brunswick 36

Morris Catholic has their machine rolling with their 5th consecutive win over South Brunswick 64-36. MC's Kate Dunn (17pts/4rebs/3stls/2assts) and Claire Wilson (11pts/3rebs/1blk/3stls) led the Crusaders. Stephanie Zucker had (14pts) for South Brunswick.

Perth Amboy 50 - South Plainfield 46

After trailing by double digits throughout this game South Plainfield out scored Perth Amboy 14-2 in the last 1:34 seconds to bring it 48-46 with :04 seconds left but PA held on for the win to knock out South Plainfield's chance of reaching the playoffs. Jeanette Ortiz (19pts/6rebs/1stl/1asst) and Amanda Sepulveda (17pts/4rebs/2stls/1asst) led Amboy to their sixth victory. Danielle Ardnt had (23pts) for SP.

JP Stevens 41 - Immaculata 37

In another game that went down to the wire JP's enegizer rabbit, Tania Kennedy (16pts/1reb/2blks/4stls/1asst) helped JP Steven's slip by Immaculata 41-37. Kaitlin Capriccio had (12pts) for Immaculata.

Avenel Middle School
Bishop Ahr 44 - Edison 22

Bishop Ahr kept their playoff hopes alive with their victory over Edison as Kelly Fiocco (9tps/5stls/1asst) led the way. Mary Lillis and Erin Mulvey each had pts for Bishop Ahr.

Spotswood 30 - Colonia 28

Spotswood still has a chance to make the playoffs with their win over Colonia last night. Jill Dickenson (11pts/4rebs/2stls/1asst) led the way for the Chargers. Tiffani McDaniel had (10pts/15rebs/3stls) for Colonia in the loss.

Elizabeth 45 - Sayreville 24

Elizabeth became the second team in HawksBasketball history to go through the regular season undefeated as the handled the Bombers easily 45-24. Jessica Cavano (11pts/4rebs/3stls), Sarah Hector (10pts/10rebs/6blks/2stls/1asst) and Marbely Montana (10pts/5rebs/4stls/1asst) led Elizabeth. Megan Zakrzewski had 8pts for Sayreville.

Roselle Catholic 31 - Linden 21

Margaret Henn (10pts/6rebs/1stl/2assts) led RC to victory as they defeated the Lady Tigers of Linden 31-21. Jessica Dixon had (7pts) for Linden.

Oct. 25th , 2004

Elizabeth Wins Again!

Colonia High School
Elizabeth 26 - Roselle Catholic 19

Elizabeth clinched the top spot in the Girls Varsity Division with their 9th consective win over previously unbeaten Roselle Catholic. Jess Cavano (7pts) led Elizabeth in scoring. Sarah Hector also grabbed (9rebs) for the minutemen.

Cardinal McCarrick 42 - East Brunswick 35

Lauren Zarantorello (19pts/5rebs/1blk/3stls) and Jess Pruiti (15pts/1reb/4stls) pushed CM past the Lady Bears of East Brunswick 42-35. Brianne Defalco led EB with 11pts.

Westfield 36 - Spotswood 17

Erin Miller of Westfield led all scorers with 17pts as the Blue Devils burned the Chargers 36-17.

Linden 32 - Edison 28

Jessica Dixon (13pts/2rebs/3stls/4assts) led the way for Linden as they slid past Edison 32-28. Carrie Mokar had 8pts for Edison.

Avenel Middle School
St. Peters 69 - Monmouth 54

St. Peters handed Monmouth their 3rd straight loss by defeating them easily 69-54. Jenn Danio (17pts/2rebs/1stl) hit 3 trifectas for St. Peters loosening up the Monmouth defense. Kristen Dalton had 17pts for Monmouth.

JP Stevens 68 - Watchung Hills 37

JP Stevens took it to Watchung beating them 68-37. Kathy Rhuno (33pts/7rebs/3stls/2assts) broke out with a monster game for JP. Jackie Shaft had 13pts for Watchung.

Morris Catholic 47 - Woodbridge 33

Morris Catholic may have dowsed Woodbridge's playoff chances with their victory over the Barrons 47-33. Claire Wilson (20pts/2rebs/3stls) led Morris Catholic. MaryLynn Skarzenski had (9pts/10rebs/2blks/6stls/3assts) for the Lady Barrons.

Immaculata 48 - South Brunswick 39

Immaculata locked a playoff spot with their win over South Brunswick. Kaitlyn Fiorino (16pts/4rebs/4stls) led the Lady Spartans in the win. Jess Mastronardi had 20pts for the Lady Vikings in the loss. Janelle Payne had 16rebs for South Brunswick also.

Oct. 19th , 2004

St. Peters, Monmouth, Lose!
Roselle Catholic And Elizabeth Still Unbeaten
Woodbridge High School
St. John Villa 61 - Watchung Hills 36

Nicole Capurso (16pts/1reb/2stls) led St. John past Watchung Hills in a rout 61-36. Christie Tomasino (11pts/1stl/3assts) also added to the win. Megean Kopecki had 13pts for Watchung.

South Plainfield 39 - JP Stevens 38

Danielle Ardnt (18pts/1reb/2stls) helped South Plainfield pick up their second win as they defeated JP Stevens. It took two overtimes but the Lady Tigers clawed their way past a tough Hawks squad. Tanya Kennedy had 17pts for JP.

Morris Catholic 45 - St. Peters 39

Clara Wilson (14pts/5rebs/1blk/2stls/1asst) and Kate Dunn (10pts/5rebs/1blk/5stls/2assts) pushed Morris Catholic past St. Peters handing the Eagles their first loss of the season. Tara Driscoll had 10pts for St. Peters.

South Brunswick 52 - Monmouth 50

South Brunswick knocked Monmouth off their undefeated perch as Janelle Payne (22pts/8rebs/2blks/1stl) led the way. The Lady Vikings kept their poise as the trailed throughout the game and finally tying the game with 2:23 left in the final half. Jess Mastronardi took an outlet pass with :05 seconds left and went the length of the floor and scored a layup at the buzzer. Caitlyn Hyduke had 13pts for Monmouth.

Avenel Middle School
Westfield 42 - Bishop Ahr 30

Gabrielle O'Leary (17pts/3stls/2assts) led the Blue Devils past Bishop Ahr 42-30. Casey El Kourey (12pts/2rebs) also played well for Westfield. Erin Mulvey had 17pts for BGA.

Cardinal McCarrick 39 - Spotswood 35

Jess Pruiti (13pts/2rebs/1blk/2stls) helped the Eagles soar past the Chargers 39-35. Megan Cappella had 12pts for Spotswood.

Elizabeth 30 - Linden 12

A relentless defensive effort handed Linden their fifth loss and kept Elizabeth undefeated. Jess Cavano (10pts/4rebs) led the way for Elizabeth. Elizabeth outrebounded Linden 23-8 in this game.

Roselle Catholic 30 - Colonia 27

Colonia's Tiffani McDaniel (18pts/6rebs/1blk/2stls/1asst) did all she could do but Roselle still prevailed in this one 30-27. Margaret Henn (9pts/2rebs/1stl/2assts) and Latoya McKoy (8pts/2rebs/2stls/1asst) helped RC get the win and remain undefeated!

Oct. 15th , 2004

Elizabeth Wins Again!

Elizabeth 55 - East Brunswick 20

Elizabeth rolled over East Brunswick 43-20 last night as Jessica Cavano (14pts/1stl/2assts) led the way. Sarah Hector (11pts/9rebs/1stl) was also instrumental in the win. Briannne Defalco had 11pts for EB.

Oct. 14th , 2004

St. Peters, Monmouth, Roselle Catholic And Elizabeth, No Losses Yet!!!
Woodbridge High School
St. Peters 45 - Woodbridge 35

Jen Danio (11pts/4rebs/1stl) and the Eagles showed why they are still #1 in the Fall-Ball Classic last night by defeating Woodbridge 45-35. After 38 minutes of play and the game changing leads all night, the Eagles finally pulled away at the end to seal the win. Danielle King and Yomaira Mejias each had 10pts for Woodbridge.

Monmouth 46 - JP Stevens 41

Caitlin Hyduke (19pts/4rebs/2stls/1asst) and Kristen Dalton (16pts/4rebs/1stl) took Monmouth past JP. In another game that was back and forth till the end, Monmouth outlasted the Hawks in the end. Kathy Ruhno had 15pts for JP.

Perth Amboy 48 - Immaculata 42

Chanel Gomez (16pts/7rebs/1blk) and top scorer Amanda Sepulveda (16pts/2rebs/3stls/5assts) led the Lady Panthers over Immaculata last night. Kaitlyn Fiorino had 15 pts for the Lady Spartans.

St. John Villa 44 - South Plainfield 38

In the third barnburner of the night, St. John Villa nipped South Plainfield 44-38. This game was tie with less than a minute left! Balanced scoring and terrific defense by both teams kept this game close. Allie Shanahan (12pts) led St. John's and Blaire Houston (12pts) topped South Plainfield.

Avenel Middle School
Cardinal McCarrick 39 - Bishop Ahr 36

In spite of Bishop Ahr's Erin Mulvey's (16pts/7rebs) effort the Eagles of CM slipped past the Trojans. Jess Pruiti (16pts/8rebs/1blk/1asst) led the way for Cardinal Mc.

Roselle Catholic 39 - Spotswood 14

Spotwood couldn't get anything going against a stingy RC defense led by Latitia Torres (9pts/8rebs/1stl) and Jackie Buddulph (7pts/2rebs/1asst).

East Brunswick 40 - Sayreville 35

Anna Dombrowski (5pts/17rebs/3blks) and Laura Petriello (9pts/10rebs/1stl/1asst) grabbed 27 rebounds between them to help East Brunswick storm past the Lady Bombers. Megan Mayo (12pts/3rebs/5stls/1asst) led the scoring for the Bears. Megan Zakrezewski had 15pts/7rebs for Sayreville.

Elizabeth 55 - Edison 20

Elizabeth remained undefeated as they whooped Edison 55-20. Amatullah Abdur Raheem (15pts/3rebs/1asst) was tops for the Minutemen and Marbley Montana also tossed in 13pts for Elizabeth.

Oct. 12th , 2004

Ortiz Wins It At Buzzer!!!
Woodbridge High School
Perth Amboy 53 - Morris Catholic 51

Jeannette Ortiz (13pts/3rebs/2stls) hit a last second 3pt. shot to seal the victory for the Panthers over Morris Catholic. Amboy's Amanda Sepulveda (18pts/4rebs/2stls/4assts) led all scorers. Ally Eckerd had 14pts/6rebs for MC.

St. John Villa 40 - Immaculata 31

Lorelle Ricco (11pts/1reb/4stls/1asst) led St. John to the win over the Lady Spartans. Kaitlyn Fiorino had 18pts for Immaculata.

South Plainfield 41 - Watchung Hills 36

South Plainfield got in the win column as they defeated the Lady Warriors 41-36. Blaire Houston (12pts) and Danielle Ardnt (11pts) led the Lady Tigers. Tara Tielmann had 12pts for Watchung.

South Brunswick 49 - Woodbridge 30

South Brunswick crushed Woodbridge 49-30 as Jess Mastronardi (17pts/4rebs/1stl/1asst) led the Lady Vikings.Yomeira Meijas had 18pts for the Lady Barrons.

Avenel Middle School
Edison 37 - Colonia 32

Heather Dauber (10pts/4rebs/1stl/3asst) helped the Lady Eagles soar past Colonia 37-32. Courtney Barnes had 12 pts for the Patriots.

Westfield 52 - Cardinal McCarrick 33

Westfield grounded the Eagles of Cardinal McCarrick as Stephanie Slodyzcka (12pts/11rebs/4blks/2stls/3assts) had a super all around effort for the Blue Devils. Erin Miller also had 15pts for Westfield. Jess Pruiti (12pts) led the CM.

Linden 1 - East Brunswick 0

Linden won by forfeit over East Brunswick.

Bishop Ahr 36 - Sayreville 30

Bishop Ahr picked up their second win over Sayreville as Kelly Fiocco (10pts/3rebs/2stls/1asst) led the way. Megan Zakrzewski had 10pts for Sayreville in the loss.

Oct. 8th , 2004

Monmouth Stops St. John!!!
Avenel Middle School
Colonia 40 - East Brunswick 29

Danielle Schleck (10pts/5rebs/1blk/2stls/1asst) put the Patriots over the top against the Lady Bears with a nice effort tonight. Laura Petriello and Candice Green each had 9pts for EB.

Westfield 40 - Edison 28

Erin Miller (19pts/2rebs/1blk/3stls/2assts) led Westfield past Edison. Krissy Scarillo had 8pts for Edison.

Spotswood 1 - Sayreville 0

Spotswood wins by forfiet over Sayreville.

Roselle Catholic 34 - Cardinal McCarrick 20

RC stormed past Cardinal Mc. 34-20 as Meghan Malone (12pts/9rebs/2assts) led all scorers for RC. Jess Pruiti had 9pts for Cardinal McCarrick.

Oct. 7th , 2004

Monmouth Stops St. John!!!
Woodbridge High School
Perth Amboy 72 - Woodbridge 26

Amboy destroyed Woodbridge tonight taking an early lead and never looking back. Amanda Sepulveda (22pts/3rebs/2stls/5assts) led the way with Jeanette Ortiz (10pts/5rebs/1blk/2stls/5assts) playing big also. Jasmine Johnson had 9pts for Woodbridge.

St. Peters 49 - South Brunswick 32

St. Peters picked up their 7th win at the expense of the Lady Vikings 49-32. Candice Bellechiz (12pts/4rebs/4stls/1asst) topped all scorers for the Eagles.

Morris Catholic 40 - South Plainfield 38

Mary Dunn (12pts/4rebs/3stls/2assts) and Kate Dunn's (11pts/1reb/1stl/1asst) was just enough to help MC get past the Lady Tigers 40-38. Danielle Ardnt topped South Plainfield with 13pts.

Monmouth Regional 34 - St. John Villa 33

Monmouth squeeked by again with another tough win over St. John Villa 34-33. Kristen Dalton (12pts/3rebs/1stl/2assts) and Gabbie DePalo (10pts/9rebs/1stl/1asst) stepped up big in this one for Monmouth. Allie Shanahan had 15pts for St. John.

Avenel Middle School
East Brunswick 47 - Edison 46

With 12pts/8rebs/1stl from Lauren Dudra and 11pts/1reb/1blk/4stls/3assts from Megan Mayo, the Lady Bears slipped by the Lady Eagles of Edison 47-46. Kate Shutz (9pts/8rebs/2stls) led Edison.

Elizabeth 21 - Colonia 17

In a defensive struggle Elizabeth outscored Colonia 21-17 to steal a win last night. Marbley Montana and Tutti Abdur-Rahman each had 6 points. Tiffani McDaniel (8pts/6rebs/3blks/1stl) led Colonia.

Cardinal McCarrick 41 - Linden 32

The Lady Eagles pulled out early led by Jess Pruitti (18pts/3rebs/5stls/2assts). Ashley Casimir had 12pts for Linden.

Westfield 41 - Sayreville 28

Westfield waltz past Sayreville 41-28. Erin Miller (19pts/4rebs/2assts) was tops for Westfield. Holly Miara (7pts/4rebs) led the Lady Bombers.

Oct. 5th , 2004

Two Overtimes!!!
Woodbridge High School
Woodbridge 47 - JP Stevens 38

Yomeira Mejias (17pts/3rebs/3stls/3assts) pushed the Lady Barrons past JP Stevens 47-38. MaryLynn Skarzenski (11pts/6rebs/4stls/5assts) also chipped in for Woodbridge. Kathryn Ruhno had 11pts for the Lady Hawks.

St. Peters 46 - Perth Amboy 43

Once again Perth Amboy took a Staten Island team to overtime as St. Peters snuck past Perth Amboy 46-43! Megan Mahoney (13pts/2rebs/3stls/5assts) clutch overtime free throws sealed this one for the Eagles. Amanda Sepulveda had 17pts for the Panthers.

St. John Villa 35 - Morris Catholic 34

Nicole Capurso's (10pts/1blk/3stls) badgering defense was frustrating Morris Catholic early but MC wouldn't give in. As the game was back and forth all night and ended regulation in overtime as St. John stole this on 35-34. Mary Dunn had 14pts for MC in the loss.

Monmouth Regional 53 - Watchung Hills 51

Monmouth outlasted the Lady Warriors 53-51 in a game that went down to the last seconds! Caitlyn Hydake (14pts/1reb), Kristen Dalton (12pts/4rebs/2stls/1asst) and Carly Golden (12pts/4rebs) led Monmouth. Jackie Shaft had 17pts for Watchung.

Avenel Middle School
Spotswood 33 - Edison 28

Spotswood slipped past Edison 33-28 as Jill Dickinson (15pts/5rebs/1blk/1asst) led the way.Tiffany Smith and Samantha Grippo each had 8pts for Edison.

Colonia 42 - Sayreville 23

Colonia crushed the Lady Bombers last night as Tiffany McDaniel (14pts/10rebs/2blks/5stls/1asst) took this one over early. Lorianne Milaszewski had 8pts for Sayreville.

Roselle Catholic 40 - Westfield 34

Margaret Henn (10pts/4rebs/2blks/1stl) led RC past Westfield 40-34. Erin Miller had 16pts for Westfield.

Bishop Ahr 47 - Linden 29

Bishop Ahr picked up their first win over Linden 47-29. Kelly Fiocco (14pts/6rebs/1stl) led the Lady Trojans. Christy Duve (BGA) was chairwoman of the boards grabbing a league leading 17rebs in this game! Jessica Dixon had 20pts for Linden.

Oct. 1st , 2004

Morris Catholic Wins 2nd!!!
Avenel Middle School
Roselle Catholic 43 - Bishop Ahr 21

Led by Amanda Sheedy (16pts/2rebs/1blk/1stl/2asst) and Leticia Torres' (8pts/11rebs/1stl/3assts) the Lions ripped past the Lady Trojans 43-21. Kelly Fiocco had 8pts for Bishop Ahr.

Linden 32 - Spotswood 30

Ashley Casimir (19pts/4rebs) and Jessica Dixon (12pts/2rebs/6stls/3assts) were the one/two punch that knocked out Spotswood. In a game that went right to the buzzer Jill Dickerson (22pts/7rebs/1blk/2stls/1asst) singlehandedly kept the Chargers in this game but Casimir calmly hit two clutch free with seconds left to seal the win.

Morris Catholic 30 - Immaculata 22

Katie Dunn (8pts/7rebs/1blk/2assts) led Morris Catholic to their second straight victory in the Fall-Ball Classic over a tough Immaculata team. This was a good defensive game throughout as each team held the other to only one shot each time down. Kaitlyn Fiorino (8pts/7rebs) led the Lady Spartans.

Monmouth Region 1 - Perth Amboy 0

Monmouth won by forfiet over Perth Amboy.

September 30, 2004

St. Peters Goes 5-0!!!
Woodbridge High School
St. John Villa 40 - Woodbridge 33

Solid team effort led by Allie Shanahan (12pts/2rebs/4stls) was the key for St. John's in their victory of the Lady Barrons tonight. MaryLynn Skarzenski had (10pts/9stls) for Woodbridge.

St. Peters 62 - JP Stevens 37

The Eagles ripped the Hawks tonight 62-37 in this lopsided game. Megan Mahoney (18pts/7rebs/4stls/3assts) led the way for St. Peters. Tanya Kennedy had 16pts for JP Stevens.

Immaculata 39 - South Plainfield 35

Immaculata grabbed their 3rd win at the expense of the Lady Tigers 39-35. This game was close throughout as Immaculata took a late second half lead and never looked back. Kaitlin Cuppriccio and Lindsey Melone each had 8pts for the Lady Spartans. Blaire Houston had 15pts for South Plainfield.

Morris Catholic 46 - Watchung Hills 34

After an early lead by Watchung, Morris Catholic came storming back to take charge of this one. Mary Dunn (14pts/5rebs/5stls) and Kate Dunn (9pts/4rebs/1blk/9stls/6assts) led the way for MC. Audrey Titus and Megan Kopecki each had 11pts for Watchung Hills.

Avenel Middle School
Roselle Catholic 33 - East Brunswick 32

Led by Meaghan Malone (14pts/7rebs/1blk/1stl/2assts) RC slipped past EB 33-32. Laura Petriello (11pts/8rebs/1blk/5stls/1asst) led the Lady Bears in the loss.

Elizabeth 45 - Spotswood 14

Elizabeth crushed Spotswood to nab their 3rd win and remain undefeated in the Fall-Ball Classic. Marbely Montana (14pts/9rebs/5stls/2assts) took command and led the Minutemen.

Westfield 41 - Linden 32

Westfield got one in the win column by defeating Linden 41-32 as Erin Miller (14pts/2rebs/4stls/1asst) and Stephanie Slodyczka (12pts/11rebs/2blks/2stls/1asst) led the way. Jessica Dixon had 13pts for Linden in the loss.

Cardinal McCarrick 42 - Sayreville 30

Jess Pruiti (14pts/3rebs/3stls) topped all scorers as CM defeated the Bombers 42-30. Megan Zakrzewski had (10pts/12rebs/1blk) for Sayreville in defeat.

September 28, 2004

St. Peters Beats St. Johns!!!
Woodbridge High School
Watchung Hills 38 - Woodbridge 29

Megan Kopecki (12pts/4rebs/5stls/4assts) was the leader for the Lady Warriors this evening as they handed the Lady Barrons thier second loss of the season. Yomeira Mejas added 15pts for Woodbridge.

Perth Amboy 53 - South Brunswick 51

Amanda Sepulaveda (18pts/4rebs/3stls/4assts) and Jeanette Ortiz (17pts/9rebs/3stls/4assts) led the Panthers by a very resiliant South Brunswick team. Although being down 30-17 at the end of the the first half, the Lady Vikings came all the way back in the second half outscoring Perth Amboy 27-0 and taking a 14 point 44-30 lead. Perth Amboy then clawed their way back with a 17-2 run to regain the lead late in the second half and closed out the victory 53-51. Jess Mastronardi had 18pts for South Brunswick.

Monmouth Regional 50 - South Plainfield 26

Caitlyn Hyduke (21pts/5rebs/5stls/2assts) powered Monmouth past the Lady Tigers 50-26. Danielle Arndt had 12pts for South Plainfield.

St. Peters 45 - St. John Villa 26

Megan Mahoney (13pts/5rebs/2stls/1asst) led the Eagles past their cross island rivalry St. John Villa. All night long St. Peters couldn't miss, shooting over 65% for the night. St. Peters also handed St. John Villa their first loss ever in the Fall-Ball Classic.

September 25, 2004

Kennedy Hits Buzzer Beater!!!
Avenel Middle School
JP Stevens 48 - Perth Amboy 39

In the first of a doubleheader for JP Stevens Tanya Kennedy (11pts/2rebs/2stls/2assts) and Brittany Mullins (10pts/5rebs/1asst) led the Hawks past the Panthers 48-39. Amanda Sepulveda had 18pts for Perth Amboy.

Roselle Catholic 43 - Sayreville 31

Amanda Sheehy (14pts/3rebs/2stls/3assts) and Margaret Henn (10pts/10rebs/1blk/3stls/2assts) moved Roselle Catholic into the win column in their season opener over Sayreville 43-31. Holly Miara had 9pts for Sayreville.

JP Stevens 40 - Morris Catholic 38

In easily the most exciting game of the evening, JP Stevens's Tanya Kennedy (13pts/2rebs/2assts) hit a buzzer beating layup to beat Morris Catholic 40-38. Morris Catholic led most of the way but JP Stevens just wouldn't go away. With the game tied at 38-38 with :07 seconds left, Kennedy got a shot off, missed and grabbed the rebound and put back the layup with time expiring. Mary Dunn had 18pts for Morris Catholic in defeat.

Linden 42 - Sayreville 30

Ashley Casimir (14pts/7rebs) and Jessica Dixon (12pts/7rebs/4stls/4assts) pushed the Tigers past the Bombers 42-30. Erin Dusko had 8pts for Sayreville.

September 23, 2004
Monmouth/Immaculata Go To Buzzer!!!
Woodbridge High School
St. Peters 48 - Watchung Hills 44

Megan Mahoney (12pts/4rebs/1blk/5stls/2assts) and Jen Danio (12pts/1 reb) took St. Peters past Watchung Hills 48-44. St. Peters went out to an early lead but Warriors wouldn't let up and almost came back and stole this one. Jackie Sharf led all scorers with 14pts.

St. John Villa 37 - South Brunswick 28

The score doesn't indicate it but St. John's was almost handed their first loss ever in the Fall-Ball Classic last night as they held on to win 37-28 over South Brunswick. Christie Tomasino (10pts/1reb/1stl/1asst) led St. Johns. Courtney Breese had 17pts for the Lady Vikings.

Monmouth 44 - Immaculata 43

In easily the closest game of the night, Monmouth edged out Immaculata 44-43 in a back forth game that went right to the wire. Liz Ferraro (16pts/1reb) of Monmouth led all scorers. Kaitlyn Fiorino had 12pts for Immaculata.

Woodbridge 45 - South Plainfield 30

MaryLynn Skarzenski (12pts/5rebs/2stls/2assts) led the way for the Barrons as the put away South Plainfield 45-30. Danielle Arndt had 14pts for the Tigers.

Avenel Middle School
Colonia 32 - Bishop Ahr 18

Tiffany McDaniel scored a game high 9 points (7rebs/1blk/3stls) and helped the Patriots go out to a 3-0 record to start the season. Tina Stawinski had 8pts for the Trojans.

Elizabeth 32 - Westfield 29

Marbell Montana's (6pts/6rebs/1blk/2stl/2asst) all around effort gave Elizabeth their second straight victory in the Fall-Ball Classic. Jessica Cavano and Jalessa Dougherty all added 6pts for the Minutemen.

East Brunswick 41 - Spotswood 21

Laura Petriello's (14pts/7rebs/1blk/4stls/1asst) Bears mauled the Chargers 41-21. Jill Dickinson had (12pts/9rebs) for Spotswood.

Cardinal McCarrick 42 - Edison 23

Jess Pruiti (12pts/6rebs/2stsl/2assts) and Danielle Lieberman (12pts/4rebs/2blks) led the CM past Edison 42-23. Kate Shutz had 8pts for Edison.

September 21, 2004

JP Stevens Wins Opener!
Woodbridge High School
JP Stevens 54 - South Brunswick 41

JP Stevens won their opener tonight against a game South Brunswick squad as Bobbi Van Fleet (15pts/4rebs/2blks/1stl/1asst) led the way for the Hawks. Tayna Kennedy also chipped in 12pts/4rebs/3stls/6assts for JP. Jess Mastronardi had 12pts for the Lady Vikings.

Colonia 48 - Linden 23

Tiffany McDaniel (14pts/12rebs/1stl) led the Patriots to a 2-0 record. Jess Dixon had 14pts for Linden in the loss.

St. Peter's 63 - Immaculata 25

St. Peters, led by Danielle DiCharo (15pts/6rebs/1stl), grabbed their second win in as many games over Immaculata 63-25. Candice Bellocchio (12pts) and Megan Mahoney (10pts) also contributed for St. Peters.

Perth Amboy 54 - Watchung Hills 44

Perth Amboy squeezed out their first victory tonight as they defeated Watchung Hills 54-44. Amanda Sepulveda (16pts/1reb/1stl/5assts) and Jeanette Ortiz (14pts/6rebs/1stl/4assts) topped Amboy for the night. Katie Muldowney had 18pts for Watchung.

September 14, 2004

Woodbridge High School
St. John Villa 41 - Perth Amboy 39

It took seven overtimes for last's years Fall-Ball Champion to put away a determined Perth Amboy team in last night's Girls Varsity opener at Woodbridge as St. John Villa outlasted the Panthers 41-39 on a last second Lorelle Ricco shot! Christie Tomasino had 10 pts for St. John's and Amanda Sepulveda had 16pts for Amboy in the loss.

South Brunswick 45 - Watchung Hills 32

Janelle Payne (14pts/4rebs/1blk/1stl/1asst) and Jess Mastronardi (13pts/1reb/1stl) led the Lady Vikings over Watchung Hills 45-32. Audrey Titus led the Warriors with 9pts.

St. Peter's 64 - South Plainfield 25

St. Peters rolled to their season opener 64-25 over South Plainfield as Megan Mahoney led the Eagles with 13pts and 5rebs. Blaire Houston had 8 pts for South Plainfield in the loss.

Immaculata 36 - Woodbridge 35

This game went to the buzzer as Immaculata scored with :05 seconds left to take the lead and wouldn't let the Barrons get another shot. Catalina Russell (14pts/1 rebs/2stl) led the Spartans. MaryLynn Skarzenski had 11pts for Woodbridge.

Avenel Middle School
East Brunswick 34 - Bishop Ahr 23

Candice Green poured in 10pts and grabbed 9rebs as the Bears mauled the Trojans 34-23.

Colonia 33 - Westfield 32

Tiffany McDaniel (18pts/18rebs/3blk/5stls) dominated the game as Westfield had no answer for the 6'er as the Patriots marched past the Blue Devils 36-32. Stephanie Slodyczka had 14pts for Westfield.

Elizabeth 35 - Cardinal McCarrick 33

In another close game, Elizabeth slipped past Cardinal Mc 35-33. Deonna Overton (12pts/6rebs) led the Minuteman to the win.

Sayreville 43 - Edison 31

Edison couldn't keep pace with the Bombers tonight as Sayreville put this one away easily 43-31. Heather Miara led the Bombers with 8pts. Krissy Scarillo had 12pts for Edison in the loss.

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